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Saturday excursion to Bohemian Karst (Český Kras)

(49.9691719N, 14.1338964E - Saint Jan)
Departure 13:00 Albertov 6, Prague 2 (in front of the conference venue), Arrival 18:00 Albertov.
Included in the conference fee.
Lunch will be provided (sandwich, drink, fruit, biscuit).

Bohemian Karst (Český Kras) is an area 20 km SW of Prague. It is composed of old paleozoic calcareous rocks cut by Berounka river and other streams into valleys. Vegetation composition reflects a combination of variable environment characteristics: position along slopes, aspect, soil depth and human effects (limestone quarry, pasture, coppicing). We will see calcareous beech forests, slope forests, white oak woods, xerophile steppe grasslands and rock steppes during our 4 km long trip starting at the plateau and finishing in a valley near the old baroque church with a spring. We will also visit a beautiful view of the limestone cliffs.

Trail map.

Cesky Kras


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