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Getting there

By public transport

Prague has a comprehensive and well-organised system of affordable municipal transport in the city and including metro, trams, trains, buses, ferries, and a funicular to the Petřín hill.
The ticket should be purchased at a counter or ticket machine (payment in cash or by credit card) just upon the arrival before boarding the vehicle or passing the metro gate. The basic transfer ticket for an adult costs 32 CZK and is valid for 90 minutes. The short-term transfer ticket costs 24 CZK and is valid for 30 minutes. Affordable 24 hour ticket costs 110 Kč. At the registration desk all participants will receive two 24 hours tickets for public transport along with the registration materials. 
The ticket needs to be validated in the stamping machine immediately after boarding the vehicle (or at the gates of the metro stations) for the first time. Many (but not all!) of the newer trams and buses are equipped with a contactless terminal for buying tickets on board; tickets can also be bought at a surcharge from bus (not tram!) drivers. 
Timetables and connections can be found at www.dpp.cz/en
At midnight, the metro lines stop operating until 5 am. After that a network of night tram lines operates with a 30 minutes interval. 
Plan of trams and metro in Prague is available at https://czech-transport.com/index.php?id=156




By car

If you plan to arrive by car, please note that parking in the (broadly defined) city centre is limited and quite expensive. Parking fees can be paid by coin-/card-operated machines. Areas marked with a blue line are for residents with parking permit only. Unfortunately we are unable to provide parking places for conference participants. 

By plane

The Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) handles flights from most European cities and many overseas flights. The airport is located approximately 20 km northwest of the city centre. The airport consists of two terminals, terminal 2 for flights within the Schengen countries and terminal 1 for all other flights (walking distance from one terminal to the other). https://www.prg.aero/en#/
The airport is served either by public buses or taxi. Regular bus line no. 119 connects the airport with the underground line A  - Station Nádraží Veleslavín. Regular line no. 100 connects the airport with underground line B  - Station Zličín. The Airport Express (AE) buses connect the airport with the main railway station (Praha Hlavní nádraží). Please note that the regular Prague public transport tickets cannot be used on the AE bus line (tickets are bought on the bus and cost 60 CZK; payment in cash or by credit card). Traveling by public transport from the airport is easy and much preferable to use of taxis. 
The conference organisers will not undertake CO2 offsetting on your behalf. If you decide to travel by plane, this is your own responsibility. 

By train

Prague has good train connections with most European cities. Reaching Prague by train from any direction is therefore relatively easy, although not necessarily very fast. Prague main station (Hlavní nádraží) is linked to the C metro line (red) which connects it with the I.P. Pavlova metro station, from which it is possible to walk to the conference venue (24 CZK ticket is enough for the metro journey). Alternatively, it is possible to take tram lines 14 or 24 from the Jindřišská stop (walking distance from the main station) to the tram stop Albertov. 


If you prefer to use taxi services, the following companies could be recommended as fair companies: Liftago, AAA taxi, Profi Taxi and “Nejlevnější taxi” and TickTak. Besides, similarly as in other cities, Uber or Bolt are available in Prague by mobile application.