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Excursion on Sunday

Departure 8:00 Albertov 6, Prague 2 (in front of the conference venue), arrival to Prague by 16:00.
Extra fee of 35 EUR (1) or 45 EUR (2).
Lunch will be provided (sandwich, drink, fruit, biscuit)

Oblík hill

The Oblík hill (50.4112906N, 13.8083292E ) is situated 70 km SW of Prague in the volcanic range of the České Středohoří (Böhmishes Mittelgebirge) in the driest and most continental part of the country. The conical hill rises above the surrounding flat area up to 250 m (hill-top plateau is 509 m a.s.l.). It is a remainder of tertiary volcanic activity, exposed by erosion of Cretaceous sediments in the late Tertiary and in the Quaternary. Aspect and inclination of slopes affect direct solar irradiation determining microclimatic conditions and distribution of vegetation types; the flora and fauna are very species rich. The vegetation development and its present structure have been profoundly modified by human activities, especially due sheep and cattle grazing over millenia. During our 3.6 km long way we will start at the western part of the hill, go up along the southern slopes and down along the north and NE slopes. Thus we will see all principal vegetation types: species-rich xerophilic and continental grasslands, more mesic suboceanic and submediterranean xerophilic grasslands on less dry slopes and shrub vegetation with Corylus avellana, Crataegus spp. and Cornus mas, and short forests with Acer campestre, Fraxinus excelsior and Tilia cordata at the northern slope. At the top of the hill we will enjoy (weather permitting) a beautiful panoramic view. There are a number of notable species, namely e.g. Festuca valesiaca, Linum austriacum, Verbascum phoeniceum, Astragalus austriacus, Adonis vernalis, Pulsatilla pratensis, Helictotrichon desertorum, and several Stipa species.

Trail map.

Ceske Stredohori


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